More than just a catchphrase…

A comprehensive wellness program combined with disease management.

Our goal at DirectClinic is to promote wellness and improve the health outcomes of those with chronic disease. We want our members to receive greater access to providers and their services, not only when they’re ill, but also when they’re well.

Our comprehensive wellness program features the expertise, technology, tools, and support needed to help educate, engage, and empower your employees to improve their health. Members will be cared for by a team of physicians, physician extenders and health coaches.

Following a comprehensive health risk assessment, patients will be enrolled in the Stoplight Wellness Program. Based on the patient’s assigned risk – High Risk (Red), Moderate Risk (Yellow), or Low Risk (Green) – they will receive a tailored care plan to help them reach their wellness goals.

Our goal at DirectClinic is to promote wellness and improve the health outcomes of those with chronic disease.

For the Employee


For the Employer

Employees complete Health Risk Assessment and Wellness Screening
Corporate wellness consultation available to develop policies and culture that support wellness in the workplace
Employees receive lab results and personalized health risk report with recommended online classes and care from their healthcare provider
Employer receives Summary Risk Report with recommended program strategies based on their populations health risk
Employees meet with a health coach to set goals based on their wellness needs and readiness to change
We work with employers to set participation and outcome goals for each program year
Employees participate in activities and challenges they choose while monitoring changes in their health
Your dedicated account executive offers ongoing feedback regarding program utilization and progress
Employees can view and print reports for screening data, symptom diaries, and nutrition and exercise logs
Robust wellness software gives employers 24/7 access to participation and award reports while annual Summary Risk Report shows trends across time

Program Features

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Employee communication
  • Online classes, videos, and more
  • Tobacco recovery, weight management, and stress management programs
  • Health and lifestyle coaching

Program Features

  • Wellness activity tracking
  • Interactive wellness challenges
  • User portal support
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Wellness Plan Documents
  • Chronic disease management
Stop Light — Wellness Program in Fort Wayne, IN


Stoplight Wellness Program Risk Stratification

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