Frequently Asked Questions
What is DirectClinic?
Why DirectClinic?
Is DirectClinic insurance?
Why doesn't DirectClinic accept health insurance?
Can DirectClinic be integrated with existing insurance plans?
Are family members covered too?
Do I still need traditional health insurance coverage?
What is the problem with America's current healthcare system?
Does DirectClinic partner with hospitals if hospitalization is necessary?
Does DirectClinic comply with the requirements of the Affordable Care Act? What about catastrophic coverage?
Do I need to sign up for DirectClinic during a specified open enrollment period?
Is DirectClinic available to union members?
Will I need to sign a long-term contract?
Does DirectClinic accept Medicare or Medicaid?
Will I need to pay any administration or other fees?
Can I pay my monthly fee from my Health Savings Account (HSA)?
Does my monthly fee include lab or imaging services? Will there be an additional charge for these services? Can I have the service done at an independent facility that is approved under my insurance plan?