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Direct Clinic Completely Well October 2017

Be a Volunteer

October 2017
Volunteering is not only rewarding, it is healthy for you physically, mentally and emotionally.Volunteering connects you to others and to something you value, whether it is raising money for an important charity or helping at a local animal shelter. Volunteering also has many health benefits, including stress reduction and increased socialization. In fact, a study by Carnegie Mellon University in June 2013 found that people who volunteered on a regular basis were less likely to develop hypertension, a leading cause of heart disease.
Direct Clinic Completely Well October 2017

Gratitude is Good for Your Health

November 2017
With Thanksgiving upon us, and the gift giving season almost here, we may find that we are saying “thank you” a lot! More than a polite response to kindness, thank you is an expression of gratitude, and gratitude is good for your health!

Taking time to consider what is going right, what we are thankful for, and what we are hopeful for all help to improve our mood and increase optimism. Gratitude reduces stress, helping to lower blood pressure, improving sleep, and strengthening the immune system. Those who express gratitude report better working and personal relationships. In fact, one important benefit to gratitude is increased self-esteem!
Direct Clinic Completely Well October 2017

The Joy of Giving

December 2017
If you are in the heat of the holiday shopping season with a gift list still not completed, stop! Take a moment and breathe. It’s time to pause and consider why we give and how to make it a better experience for everyone.

For most of us, the holiday season is stressful. This stress can lead to a grumpy approach to the rituals and traditions that a holiday brings. Gift giving has been reduced to a quick gift card grab at the grocery store and late nights searching Amazon for an okay gift that will arrive within 2 days. Perhaps that’s fun for some, but many of us can think of at least one time we found the perfect gift for an important person in our lives.
Direct Clinic Completely Well October 2017

New Year, New You

January 2018
Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Odds are you did. But did you plan on how to make it happen? New Year’s resolutions are a great way to identify the changes we want to see in our lives. They require time and patience. And perhaps the most important thing they require is a daily commitment to make them happen.

If that sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry. The daily commitment is a mindset, one that reminds you that your resolution is still important to you and one you are willing to make changes for. If you want to exercise more, set a specific goal and commit to making that happen on a weekly basis. And if you don’t make your goal one week, that’s okay. Deciding that you can make a resolution each day, each week, and each month can help keep you motivated!
Direct Clinic Completely Well October 2017

Disconnect and Reconnect

February 2018
Smart phones, tablets, iPhones, computers, televisions - our world is a WIFI-filled climate of distraction. We quickly hear the latest news, check the weather, and touch base with family and friends, but we do this at the risk of our mental and emotional health. Recent research has found that checking our phone, Instagram, or Facebook account feeds the part of our brain that registers gratification. In fact, we often check our phones just to get the gratification response created by a like or text. Building strong relationships is harder with a screen as an obstacle to conversation and connection. Our self-esteem also takes a hit when we look at our friends’ postings and believe that others live more interesting, more fulfilling lives than we do.