Benefits for employees and individuals
Founded on the Direct Primary Care model of provision, DirectClinic offers a superior level of care at an affordable price that caps the increasing cost of healthcare with a simple monthly fee, allowing patients to receive greater access to doctors and their services not only when they’re ill, but also before they become ill.

Revolutionized Primary Care Solution

  • Unlimited office visits – A Value-based care
  • Minimal to no wait time for appointments
  • No Rushed Exams – Ample time to spend with your primary care provider
  • Same-day appointments for urgent matters
  • No co-pays or deductibles
  • A patient care advocacy program
  • Significantly discounted imagining services, lab tests and prescriptions

Beyond Primary Care

DirectClinic provides primary care, urgent care, acute care and chronic disease management. On-site advanced imaging and diagnostic services, lab tests and dispensing medications are available at a significantly reduced rate, as well.
Members can reserve traditional insurance plans for undesired and more costly catastrophic events like Emergency Room, Hospitalization or specialist visits.
Same-day or next-day appointments are available in the event of urgent needs, limiting the amount of time away from work and waiting to be seen by a provider.

Increased Access to your Providers

This Healthcare model empowers the relationship between a patient and his or her primary care provider. Typically providers have a panel between three thousand- five thousand patients. DirectClinic limits their providers to fifteen hundreds – two thousand patients. This change provides the primary care provider the time to listen and develop the patient/provider relationship.

Proactive Care

DirectClinic improves the quality of Healthcare by prioritizing prevention and early diagnosis. We encourage preventive screening and regular check ups. Patients with chronic conditions are monitored closely and proactively to avoid unnecessary hospitalization that can be treated in an outpatient environment. This reduces work absenteeism, reduces the number of unnecessary hospitalizations and out-of- pocket expenses like co-pays or deductibles.

Smarter Healthcare Spending

Our model keeps patients out of the most expensive parts of the Healthcare system, such as hospitals, emergency rooms and specialists’ offices.

Top-notch Medical Care

We offer patient-focused primary care and we reward our skilled team of physicians and nurse practitioners for the quality of care they provide (rather than rewarding them based on patient volumes).

Cost Savings

Members know exactly what they are paying for. Members pay flat monthly fees for primary care. We offer pre-negotiated rates for imaging, most commonly used medications and laboratory services.