A New Way to Improve and Help Employers
Manage Both Health Benefits and Employee Health

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About DirectClinic

Founded on the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model of provision, DirectClinic caps the increasing cost of healthcare with a simple monthly or yearly fee, allowing its members to receive greater access to providers and their services not only when they’re ill, but also before they become ill.
DirectClinic offers a fee-based membership practice to employers, employees, individuals and families throughout NE Indiana. DirectClinic provide comprehensive preventive medicine, acute medical care, and chronic disease management combined with expert consultation and patient care advocacy program.
The practice includes pre-negotiated and significant discount point-of care Lab services, medication dispensing and imaging services (MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound, X-ray) for its members. The clinic will utilize well-trained primary care providers and healthcare professionals, quality equipment and a broad referral system in order to maximize the care for each patient.
When DirectClinic’s solution is inserted strategically as part of an employer’s total health plan offering, employers will save close to 30% on health-care costs compared to traditional or self-funded insurance. The members (employees and their families) will benefit from personalized healthcare.
Reserve traditional insurance for undesirable, costly catastrophic events.
No co-pays or deductibles.
Minimal to no waiting or unnecessary ER visits that can be treated in an outpatient environment.
Call or e-mail – Reduced time of work and improved productivity
Significantly discounted rates for members; Insurance accepted
Prevention, early diagnosis and chronic condition management


DirectClinic offers primary care services directly to the public, employers/employees (to include the employee member’s family) and Unions as an integrated solutions, along with an appropriate traditional or self-funded insurance plan. Employers may offer this exclusive benefit as part of employees’ benefits outside traditional insurance. Our routine primary care model reduces the number of paid claims made to insurances, hence, making healthcare less expensive. The DirectClinic model proves that it can reduce costs while enhancing patient care. DirectClinic charges a simple, flat monthly or annual fee outside traditional insurance for primary care services.
Reserve traditional health insurance for undesirable, costly catastrophic events. Health insurance is supposed to protect against risk, in the same manner as car insurance. So why use health insurance to cover primary care services when we don’t use car insurance for tire and oil changes?
Health Cross Word — Health in Fort Wayne, IN
Health Cross Word — Health in Fort Wayne, IN

How DirectClinic Works

By limiting each PCP’s (Primary Care Provider) patient panel size, DirectClinic will be able to deliver exceptional medical care, at your convenience. Each patient will have direct PCP access and personalized services, available to clients as their schedules dictate. We provide comprehensive preventive medicine, acute medical care, and chronic disease management combined with expert consultation along with a patient care advocacy program.
DirectClinic will keep healthcare costs low by sidestepping the bureaucracy associated with administrative hazels and reducing unnecessary and expensive trips to the hospital or emergency room. DirectClinic providers are directly hired and are salaried; reducing the financial incentive to order unnecessary tests and is also less likely to refer to a specialist for something they can handle themselves.
Even when an employer pays DirectClinic for primary care on top of paying half of each employee’s insurance deductible, the company’s overall healthcare costs can still come in at nearly 30 percent lower with our program. Historically, health benefit costs have risen at a rate of about 14 percent each year. However, with DirectClinic, employers often find that they save $3 on avoiding lost work time for every $1 that they spend. In addition to the financial savings, companies also receive the intangible benefits of higher employee morale and satisfaction with the health plan offering.
More than just a catchphrase…

A comprehensive wellness program combined with disease management.

Our goal at DirectClinic is to promote wellness and improve the health outcomes of those with chronic disease. We want our members to receive greater access to providers and their services, not only when they’re ill, but also when they’re well.

Our comprehensive wellness program features the expertise, technology, tools, and support needed to help educate, engage, and empower your employees to improve their health. Members will be cared for by a team of physicians, physician extenders and health coaches.

Following a comprehensive health risk assessment, patients will be enrolled in the Stoplight Wellness Program. Based on the patient’s assigned risk – High Risk (Red), Moderate Risk (Yellow), or Low Risk (Green) – they will receive a tailored care plan to help them reach their wellness goals.

Our goal at DirectClinic is to promote wellness and improve the health outcomes of those with chronic disease.
Stop Light — Health in Fort Wayne, IN


Healthcare can be divided into those services that are used often and those that are used rarely. Primary care, with its routine physicals, acute care, chronic disease management, refills and lab orders fall into services that are used often. DirectClinic takes this majority of healthcare and caps the cost into an affordable, manageable, flat monthly fee, typically less than $70 per month, which includes significantly discounted laboratory and imaging services. As a result, insurance use (and cost) is minimized to rare occurrences like specialist visits and hospitalizations. Employers can use DirectClinic to lower healthcare costs.


Offering DirectClinic as an integrated solution, along with an existing group plan, can save employers up to 30 percent on healthcare costs compared to the traditional insurance alternatives, yet keep companies in compliance with Affordable Care Act mandates. DirectClinic can help self-insured companies lower future premiums through reduced claims. DirectClinic can lower the number of possible catastrophic events by providing patients increased access to providers by means of enhanced communications (i.e., phone, voice mail, emailing, patient portal) and greater patient care, including same-day or next-day appointments.

DirectClinic Benefits

Business Man — Employer in Fort Wayne, IN
  • Lowered Healthcare cost
  • A reduced number of insurance claims
  • A decrease in future insurance premiums
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Improved on-the-job productivity
  • Improved employee morale
  • An increase in employee retention rates
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  • Value-based care
  • No co-pays or deductibles
  • Minimal to no wait time for appointments
  • No rushed exams
  • Same-day appointments for urgent matters
  • Patient care advocacy program
  • Significantly discounted imaging services, lab tests and prescriptions
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  • The ability to offer a broad range of Healthcare solutions that benefit both employer and employee
  • An integrated program that helps employers manage health benefits and employee health
  • A complete healthcare solution that clients feel good about
  • An opportunity to offer high quality medical care at an affordable cost

DirectClinic Scope & Pricing


Each Employee membership includes:

  • Unlimited medical visits “same-day” appointments in case of urgent need
  • Comprehensive Primary Care
  • Preventive & Routine Care
  • Acute care
  • Immediate Care
  • Chronic disease management combined with a Comprehensive Wellness Program
  • Patient Care Advocacy (guided care for complex conditions)
  • Direct access to provider – phone, e-mail or patient portal
  • Pre and Post-travel consultation medical consultations if visiting other countries
  • Point of care laboratory (offered at significantly discounted rate)
  • Basic and advanced imaging (offered at significantly discounted rate)
  • Point of care dispensing pharmacy ( Medications offered at significantly discounted rate)
  • Optional family plan
Monthly Membership
$69 / month

With Spouse

Children (has to be with an adult)

Family of 4 and above
(no cost after the 2nd child)
There is a one-time enrollment fee of $200/- which will be waived for first time members

Who can be Members of DirectClinic?

DirectClinic is for everyone
  • Any size area businesses, their valuable employees & their families.
  • Unions and their members.
  • Colleges and Schools (Faculties and Students)
  • Open to all individuals and their families.
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