A Unique Healthcare Partner for Insurance Brokers and Benefits
DirectClinic is a new way to improve and help employers manage both health benefits and employee health.
Why is DirectClinic your unique health care partner?
The DirectClinic model is designed in such a way that smart employers are taking notice as they design employee benefits. DirectClinic can help you and your clients change the health care cost curves through an integrated program that truly makes a difference by delivering world-class primary care services, engaging employees in their health, increased access to provider, and personalized services. As a result, you’re able to differentiate yourself by giving your clients what they really want: High quality medical care at an affordable cost.
As health care and medical insurance costs continue to rise, brokers and consultants like you are constantly looking for solutions that will make a real difference for their clients. By partnering with DirectClinic, brokers and consultants can prove to lower health care costs significantly and increase employee satisfaction.
How to make DirectClinic work for your clients?
By offering DirectClinic as an integrated solution, along with an appropriate supplemental insurance plan, can save employers up to 30 percent on health care costs compared to the traditional insurance alternatives, yet keep your companies in compliance with Affordable Care Act mandates. DirectClinic can help Self-insured companies lower premiums through reduced claims. DirectClinic can control downstream catastrophic costs by providing increased-access, high quality care upstream and can be inserted strategically as part of the total health plan offering.
  • Same-day appointments
  • Patient care Advocacy (guided care for complex conditions)
  • Pre and post travel medical consultation for employees travelling to other countries
  • Significantly discounted Point of care Imaging services
  • Significantly discounted Point of care laboratory
  • Significantly discounted Point of care medication dispensing
  • No rushed exam – Providers have a limited patient panel allowing them more time to spend with patients
  • Provider on call knows you – Increased patient to provider interaction
  • Broad network – access to high value providers
  • Focused and committed to constantly improving the quality of healthcare services.
In addition, DirectClinic will effectively coordinate and manage clinic programs, which will increase assurance of lower cost, excellent continuity of care and greater employer/patient satisfaction.
As health care costs continue to escalate, it becomes more important to provide value-added services that are not offered by your competition. Partner with DirectClinic and you can offer a comprehensive, integrated solution to your clients to address today’s health care crisis: Value Based Care – Focus on Quality Care and not Quantity. Enables employers of all sizes to benefit from full-time health care with simple flat monthly or annual fee for any member groups.
With DirectClinic, the solution is proven and the opportunities are real. Contact us to learn more